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august 18, 1993 happy birthday to apink’s main vocalist, jung eunji!

hyperactive bbom - then & now 

the self-confident maknaes vs. the conservative leader


140815 Bomi fancafe update

Chomi in Apink Showtime ep. 1


140813 Chorong fancafe update

뽀오미 생일축하해>_<

이제는 깜짝파티도 없는우리
전화해서 “뽐아 무슨 케이크 먹을래” 
심지어 자기 케이크 자기가 꺼내서 빨리 초불자는 뽀미
그만큼 많은 생일을 함께하고있는중이에요 ㅎㅎ
진짜 가족같다@-@
허술한 생일축하여도 
축하하는 마음은 여전하다! 알지 뽐아?^_^;

07.13.1993 happy birthday, yoon bomi! thank you for bringing such great laughter into my life; i hope this next year is the best one yet, and that you continue to find success and happiness both as an individual and as a part of apink. ♡


140813 Happy Birthday Sparkling Bomi our talented girl -


what bomi does when shes alone and sees cameras