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Son Yeoshin @ Weekly Idol

naeun before the performance vs. naeun after the performance

950415 Happy birthday to A Pink’s tireless energizer and lead vocalist, Kim Namjoo


APink members dying from laughter with just 1 strum of Bomi’s EPIC guitar recital lol

with bonus ChoEun moment lol

6/endless of my favorite k-pop ladies; yoon bomi.

"You may not believe it, but right before falling asleep is my happiest moment. Setting my alarm, scheduling my day tomorrow, and thinking about what I did that day is my precious moment." 


Bomi, Eunji & Namjoo - the true fairies of Apink

Weekly Idol Ep 142 (x)

congrats to our lovely ♡ apink ♡ fairies for mr.chu’s first win!!!